Fixed Immediate Annuity


There is no cost or obligation. Simply enter your age and dollar amount and get your free annuity quote instantly! Your privacy is guaranteed..Based on your description, you could either purchase a single premium immediate annuity with a cash refund option or a fixed index annuity with an income rider. If you ‘re looking to start your monthly payments within a few months, the immediate annuity will pay you more income than the index annuity. I am sending you a .One of those options is an immediate fixed annuity. There is a lot of controversial and conflicting information out there about annuities. At Zynergy, we tend to shy away from most types of annuities for being overpriced and to avoid solving one risk by creating another. However, a fixed immediate annuity can .Available through The Fidelity Insurance Network, immediate fixed income annuities provide you, or you and another person, with guaranteed income by turning a portion of savings into a stream of income payments for either the rest of your life or a set period of time..

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