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  • Weight Loss Stories Heather Johnson Lost 275 Pounds

    This weight loss success story is from Heather Johnson who was successful at losing 275 pounds and 27 inches by changing hert and exercising every week..

  • Uncomplicated Weight Loss With Heather Blok

    Uncomplicated Weight Loss is a body transformation program that guides you through important yet sustainable changes in your eating and lifestyle, with help and support from me, Heather Blok, a holistic health coach, personal trainer, and fellow human being..

  • Weight Watchers Success Story Half Size Me Heather

    Today we have a very special Weight Watchers Success Story to share. Heather re-joined Weight Watchers in 2010 and lost nearly 110 pounds. She then went on to create a wonderful weight loss community, Halfsizeme.com, to support others wanting to lose weight and live happier, healthier lives..

  • I Lost Weight Heather Fearneyhough Lost 136 Pounds

    That makes my entire weight loss journey worth it. After Weight: 118 pounds I Lost Weight: Heather Fearneyhough Lost 136 .

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